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The Alaska Territorial Guard Association, Inc.

The Alaska Territorial Guard Organization Inc. (ATGO) is a non-profit organization established by Bob Goodman on April 25, 2006.The purpose of the organization is to identify all members of the Alaska Territorial Guard (ATG) who served during WWII from January 1942 - March 31, 1947 and document their service. The organization's staff verifies the periods of service of each member through the research of documents, conducting personal interviews, handing out flyers, sending direct mail, attending AFN conferences and gatherings, and any other means necessary.



ATG History


The ATG ( Alaska Territorial Guard) was created in 1942 at the request of territorial Governor Earnest Gruening. The over 6,000 member force, dubbed the Eskimo Scouts, served as the territory's first line of defense during World War II.

Major Marvin "Muktuk" Marston and Alaska Native Sammy Mogg traveled by dog sled across Alaska to enlist recruits, some as young as 12 years old.

With no pay, and little equipment, the Eskimo Scouts, along with their counterparts from southeastern Alaska, patrolled 5,200 miles of coastline to fend off a possible Japanese invasion. Although Japanese invaders established outposts in the Aleutian Islands, the short-lived battle for Alaska has been called the "Forgotten War".

The Eskimo Scouts were disbanded in 1947 with no veteran's rights and no recognition for their sacrifices and long service to the U.S. Military...



Help Support Our Cause

You too can be part of this very worthwhile cause!

Every American should embrace this effort to gain recognition for these deserving service members and their families by making a tax deductible contribution to:

Alaska Territorial Guard Organization, Inc.
200 W. 34th Ave, Suite 333
Anchorage, AK 99503-3969

These contributions will be used for travel, per diem, supplies, equipment and other expenses necessary to conduct interviews and perform the research needed to document each member's service.

The brave Alaska Territorial Guard stood guard on the Alaska shores protecting us against any threat by the enemy. We believe that every member of the ATG needs to be recognized. Help us include these brave individuals in our history books!